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  1. I would like brook’s grandfather to know that Brook’s soul left her body and she is watching. She will reincarnate into a new body many times to the same family. She will return in another body, we don’t die. She was beautiful and we love her. My mother is my granddaughter now. When she was 3 she told me that she’s not my mother now (she was). I have good information about this. She will return. I hope this is helpful. You may feel signs of her.

  2. I am still dealing with the same situation as you but either fortunately or unfortunately my grandson Jonah survived. His mom, my daughter died at age 25 leaving 2 sons age 3 yrs and 7 months, Jonah being the younger. Dad remarried to an abusive woman with 2 sons. Dad drove a truck long distance and left her alone a lot with her 2, his 2, and two sons they had together. Jonah was also covered head to toe in bruises and suffered a brain trauma at age 4. He was two weeks out from going to kindergarten but never made it. He is now 16 and has not eaten (still on a feeding tube), cannot talk or walk, but knows everything that goes on, and has had multiple surgeries and complications since. He had two brain surgeries, one to remove his skull cap for the brain to expand and remove a large hematoma, one to put it back on. As a result of the head injury, his back curved so he had a full spinal fusion. He had two hip surgeries as the back curving, pulled his hip out of joint. He recently has had respiratory issues receiving a tracheostomy and a shift of his diaphragm causing some of his small intestines to shift into his chest cavity causing more difficulty in breathing, pending another possible surgery. Jonah is a superhero, surviving more than any of us could. We still hope and pray for a full recovery but chances are fading with each passing year. We should talk as I have an idea to get the community involved for tracking the at risk children. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I am so sorry for you and your family at this terrible loss. I have thought of starting my own blog to track Jonah’s progress as a reminder to all those who would like to raise a hand to beat a child. The next year will be hard for you with the trial and reliving the details over again. If there is anything I can do to help you through your endeavors to prevent this from happening to other families, count me in.

  3. Mr Geer,
    I am so very sorry for your incredible loss. Brook’s recent passing should never be forgotten. Brook is a beautiful and innocent child and I am inspired with your mission. Child abuse is a national crisis and I know there is hope in identifying, intervening and preventing it. I am a clinical hospital social worker in SA, TX and I am compelled to speak with you to share with you professional experiences and positive outcomes on interventions that work. If there is anything I can do for you in memory of Brook and with your mission please contact me. It would be an honor to speak with you as I would like to contribute in any way I can.
    Sue Erdely

  4. John first please accept how sorry I am that you lost your grandchild. Now I have to say…unless you’ve work within the county/state government who governs CPS, I don’t believe you are educated enough to make such arrogant statements. You see, I’ve worked in the system for over 10 years. I know what goes on…do you? It’s the exact same as if your loved one goes into the hospital where there are well educated and trained staff to take care of your loved one…But if your loved one comes from a family who recognize that trained staff does not mean good care, said family of loved one immediately agrees on who sits when, for how long, who replaces, who stands in, in case, who talks to the MD’s and staff, who this who that. Not to upset you, but a child who appears with bruises at the hands of a mother or father and a loved one notices…well said love one immediately take appropriate action…YOU did not do that. I don’t care how much you plead that you this or you that…YOU dropped the ball. I have 10 yrs of experience in working for children the county system. YOU failed that little girl. Stop making it about the system. Yes you will bamboozle many people who have not ever worked in the system. But in my experience YOU DROPPED THE BALL!…I bet that’s a bitter pill to swallow

    1. In response to ‘a ship’ …. You must not be following this case at all. According to news reports, not only was CPS called daily by family members and people outside of the family but police were also called and did nothing but say to continue calling CPS. How did this family not take appropriate action? This innocent girl was failed by our system, her caseworker, and by her father and his girl friend. That is who to blame. I am disgusted seeing you come at a grieving grandfather like this. John Geer also says in many news reports that not all CPS workers are bad, how admirable the good CPS workers are and how unfair they are treated by getting too many caseloads than any human can handle. Shame on you. I am mind blown after reading this comment… what a horrible horrible person you are.

      1. Alicia W. the family may have called CPS or the Police over and over again. However when chronic calls are made to agencies for the same reasons, without added proof or evidence, these calls get labels like “crying wolf” or “lack of credibility” calls. There were actions this family could have taken that they did not. I for one would like to know where is Brook’s mother in this. For a judge to award custody to the father, for me raises some real questions.

      2. Child abuse is a crime and cps should not be called, it should be up to the police to come like any other crime, investigate, make arrest and remove the abuser not the child, the trauma these kids are put through in and out of the system. Watch the videos about CPS on youtube, Do not fund CPS, CPS is already too big and too powerful, Please watch https://youtu.be/03ssw5YCoPQ This system needs to be scrapped and start over, Read about The caseworkers, supervisors and managers that adopted children and abused them, Most lives have never been improved, the children are put in the same or worse situations, it’s a system that fails many and creates a lot of red tape so they can never get out. Watch Nancy Schaefer on youtube. She tried to save the children. I commend you for what you are doing and you are doing a great job but if you want to save children Do not give them any more money, Tell Trump not to give them anymore money. Lets Start New for All Children and create a better, healthier, safer means that actually will be accountable and makes a difference. Thank you

    2. I think a ship is being too harsh in word choices, although there are some valid points. Yes the system is broken, but in the end it’s up to the loved ones to take care of the child. Too many times they think the system is the end all be all. I believe there were steps this family could have taken; calling the police and CPS over and over, only turned into a pissing match between the father’s side and the grandfather’s side. I’ve seen it happen too many times and the child never wins!

  5. a ship: WOW Great 13 words of condolences. Then you jump out claiming he is uneducated and arrogant. Good Grief This man just experienced “The System” and how it works, and the greatest loss. His grand daughter. According to the news Brook was in the care of the two charged, her Father Michael Stagles, and his new girlfriend Erica Bell. I’m confused on how this was his fault.
    I had hopes that CPS workers had warm hearts, and chose this profession because they cared and actually wanted to protect children. By your tone a ship you sound cold hearten and uncaring. You sound like you are more concerned about your own image vs Protecting a Child.
    The news reported of the numerous unanswered phone calls to CPS from both family and neighbors . I saw where the Grand father was even in court. So not only did the CPS worker fail Brook, so did the Law of Guardian.
    Your comment sounds like you are protecting a co-worker who may have DROPPED THE BALL, or was it YOU!
    I have been following this story and have learned that so many people get afraid to speak out or challenge the Status Quo. I am so happy that someone is.
    John Geer may I offer you my genuine condolences during this dark time. Your positive energy must bring out positive and much needed change. STAY STRONG. YOU’VE GOT THIS!!

  6. Monroe County CPS is understaffed, overworked and not adequately staffed up. I was at the Budget Session and I heard absolutely no discussion of this issue. I would like to know more about Mr. Daniele’s reply that it is all being taker care of.

  7. Mr John Greer, I am Robert StrongBow, Co-Founder and Webmaster of NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!, and Our Blog, My Brother’s Keeper, https://notinmyworld.com.
    We publicized your story January 3, 2017, and will help in any way possible.
    I will leave another message on your CONTACT Page.

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