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Trump for Children – Brook Stagles

A National Crisis

Trump for Children - Brook Stagles A National Crisis
This is an open letter to everyone who wants to Make America Great Again, to please acknowledge what is happening within our Child Protective Services on We are a nation in crisis. We as a society, must express outrage over a system that allows children to die.
The first line one encounters on the homepage of New York States Child Protective Service website is this: The abuse or maltreatment of children is against the law. It is in bold text and it is followed by this sentence. “Victims need an effective Child Protective Service to prevent them from suffering further injury and impairment”.
Or an agonizing and heartbreaking death of a 3-Year old like Brook Stagles of Rochester, NY. who recently suffered, allegedly at the hands of her fathers new girlfriend and the father failing to act. Even after CPS had many calls within weeks before her murder, about the situation, and this was the fourth open case on Brook.
CPS and DCFS are run like a business. A business that is failing, and instead of losing money they are losing our children. They are always over budget, under staffed, and over worked. With unmanageable case loads, and more coming in by the day. Our workers are suffering as well by their willing to show up every day, but just can’t be productive because it is all too overwhelming.
Now is your chance to come forward and speak-up so you can actually do your job and be happy and help people like you intended too with undue stress. Most importantly this will save helpless children’s lives.
After reading that you can purchase Facetime with President Trump, a brunch  for $500,000.00, and a dinner for  $1 million, I am just asking for 10 minutes on the phone with President Trump, or someone in his Cabinet. It is my willingness to pay $150,000.00 for that call.
I started a GoFundMe page called, HELPING CPS & DCFS ACROSS THE USA!, but I knew that would take way to long, so I started on my own.
We need this to happen NOW, because 4-7 children’s lives are lost every day across the USA.
Trump for Children - Brook Stagles A National Crisis
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Here’s some facts about the number of cases of children dying from abuse and neglect. 505 substantiated deaths in New York State ALONE in the past 3 years is Unbearable. The USA has one of the worst records of losing between 4 and 7 children a day to child abuse and neglect. Over 1800 children died in the USA last year and 70% of them were under 3 years old and it would be 30-50% higher now, because that was a 2014 statistic.  27% could have been prevented. Another low number.
Not a day goes by the media doesn’t cover a case of a child who was horribly abused or neglected. It’s estimated that between 1,500 and 3,000 children in the U.S. will die this year at the hands of those who were supposed to protect them. So vulnerable, the majority are under the age of four, they die from abuse due to beatings, they die from neglect, which includes starvation, inadequate medical care, unsafe sleeping or from accidents after being left alone. 
To put the scope of their work into context, these statistics might be helpful. In 2014, 3.6 million referrals alleging maltreatment were made across the United States to local state Child Protective Services involving 6.6 million children Approximately 3.2 million children received an investigation. Of those investigated, 702,000 were determined to be victims of child abuse and neglect. There were 1,580 tragic child fatalities recorded too.
We need to educate the public about the need to revise the very broken Child Protective Services system. Together as a nation we can make it happen.